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Teaching New Jersey City University since 1989

Associate Professor Department of Music, Dance and Theatre

Applied Music: Individual lessons in guitar technique and repertoire for graduate and undergraduate classical guitar majors and minors.
Guitar Ensemble: works written or arranged for guitar ensemble.
Guitar Literature: music written for the guitar and ensembles including the guitar.
Guitar Methods: teach Music Education majors the basic elements of guitar performance, preparing them to teach the instrument in a classroom setting.
Modern Music: music in the Twentieth Century and beyond (1900 to 2008).
Survey of Music: the periods of Western art music.
Music of the World’s People: a introduction to non -western and popular styles for music majors.
Music in America:  a survey of American music from the colonial period to the present day.
Music Now: Twentieth Century and contemporary developments in music.

Romantic Music: a graduate level class surveying major composers and styles of the XIX Century.


Department of Modern Languages since 2005

Latin American Music: musical styles and genres from selected Spanish- speaking countries within the Caribbean, North, Central and South America.
The Music of Spain: from the art and popular traditions. an introduction for language and music majors and educators to the musical styles and products from Spain.

Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division 1988 – 2010

Classical Guitar Instructor Guitar Lessons, Chamber music, Guitar Ensemble

Rutgers University Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies 2007 – 2008

Guest Lecturer Music of the Caribbean
Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada and the French departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

92nd St. “Y” School of Music 1990 – 2005

Classical Guitar Instructor

University of Puerto Rico Music Department 1981 – 1986

Adjunct Professor Classical Guitar, Music Appreciation, Ear Training and Sight Singing 1 and 2, The Music of Puerto Rico

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